Fraud & AML Alert System

We built an engine that could be set to analyze any type of data using multiple factors, both subjective and objective. In this module you will be able to set your own matrix of rules which will be followed through the process of analysis and investigation.


We created a module to screen IDs (front and back) via a phone camera and transposes customer information towards a resolution engine. The entire process makes customer onboarding easy, simple and secure. In addition to that, this module also includes automated PEP & Sanctions screening

Investigation Engine

Proprietary AI technology that mimics human actions, using RPA to transpose the information in a human-like manner. It provides the ability to file a Suspicious Activity Report in seconds, create ongoing assessments for clients and evaluations on whatever time period is needed.

Proprietary Resolution Engine

We have an RPA-based engine that can analyze and transpose data into outcomes with text explanations, when a concern has occurred. That engine is replacing or helping a real investigator that reaches a conclusion – by looking at data and justifying certain actions.


Identifying your business model

Omnio’s services are designed to provide support to a wide variety of financial institutions. It doesn’t matter if you are a large retail bank or a local insurance provider, you just need to be compliant. And we can show you the most efficient way to do that.

Adjusting OMNIO to your needs

Our product includes a large variety of services. After analyzing your company we will be able to suggest a certain workflow that is going to radically ease your business.

Assessing every involved risk factor

Save up to 80% of the time spent on perusing financial documents to identify the legitimacy of funds used in a financial transaction – this is done automatically, in seconds, culminating in a regulatory-worthy financial assessment.

Writing your investigations in a second

Our software will automatically equip you with written analysis identifying all key stakeholders/beneficial owners.Save up to 70% of the time spent on analysis and investigation writing because the system does that automatically.

Proposing actions to mitigate or eliminate suspicious activity.

Our RPA-based engine tracks all transactions, analyses and transposes data into outcomes with text explanations, when a concern has occurred. Get AI-driven propositions on how to resolve complex financial crime investigations that could save days in analysis.

AI executing your decisions for you

Omnio’s next-gen Artificial Intelligence will follow custom identifiers and have the system monitor and resolve them in real-time. Not having to go through the process manually results in not only human error decline but decreases your workload by 70%.

Auditable information in one second

The system keeps a detailed record of all past activity making it convenient to track back all actions undertaken by the compliance specialists . Everything is intelligently arranged in order to make it easy to access and comprehend.

Statistical analysis on your compliance department

OMNIO will deliver all the important information about your team’s work. Being able to review the performance of your compliance department will give you clear directions for future improvements in the work process.